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AUG  20, 2022






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There is room for 600 participants Saturday,  20 AUGUST , 2022
Pick up start number 8:30 am Coffee is available from 8.30 a.m. Departure of the train at 10.00 am Station Dieren

Join us and climb quickly aboard the steam train of the Veluwse Steam Train Company (VSM).

A very special Trail run through a very beautiful area!
We gather at the sports hall at Burgemeesterbloemerstraat 1 in Dieren, there you get your starting number. You then walk in 5 minutes to the station where the steam train is waiting for us.
You can park for free at the trainstation, Noorder Parallelweg 1, 6951 AA Dieren
Please note, to prevent nuisance, the road behind the start finish is closed and you have to park at the station.

Then you walk to the sports hall at Burgemeesterbloemerstraat 1 in Dieren.

This is approximately 400 meters from the station.
The route to the registration is outlined from the entrance to the parking lot. We also indicated the walking route from the sports hall to the platform of the Steam Train.
This is a 5-minute walk from the sports hall where you pick up your starting number.
There is no layout in the coupe, we just start filling the first wagon.
The steam train will leave at 10.00 * and it is wise to be on time, because otherwise it will be a lot of extra kilometers.
We have rented the steam train specifically for this activity, so there are only trail runners on board.
That promises to be fun.
The steam train runs on a single track from Dieren to Apeldoorn.
This through a beautiful environment.
The track is only ridden by the (steam) trains of the VSM Along the way he will stop twice.
During the ride you can get to know all good-humored trail runners who all carry their experiences and want to share this with you, right?
There are toilets on board the train, which you can only use while driving.

Omroep Gelderland (film editie 2019)

All participants can take a seat in the reserved coupes

The routes;



Those who use Wiciloc, or navigate through a mobile phone, bring a power bank, you will experience that your mob phone is drained much faster if you use the GPS of your phone.
And then it becomes a real challenge!

First stop EERBEEK
Arrival at 10.30 a.m.

In Eerbeek, the participants alight for the 15K and 50k route.
This is a 30-minute drive Given the need, we have decided to provide arrows for the 15 k route.
Therefore, it will no longer be possible to work with precursors at these distances
The route starts on the platform after which we jointly walk along the tracks and dive into a villa neighborhood.
This is partly unpaved and only destined for traffic, so nice and quiet.
The Harderwijkerweg is crossed by traffic controllers, you must follow their instructions and do not cross independently.
From this moment you are also free to go
You will now follow the yellow arrows that indicate your route (15 k) 15 k approximately 120 height meters 200 D +
The route is very beautiful and varied.
The routes are placed on and Wiciloc



25 K en 35 K

Arrival at 11 a.m.
In Beekbergen the participants get out for the 25k and 35k Here you can also see all old Steam Trains that are being refurbished by the VSM (Veluwse Stroomtrein Maatschappij) and deployed on the track from Apeldoorn to Dieren.
By walking this trail you support the volunteers who spend their free time restoring these special steam locomotives, each with its own history.

We have compiled beautiful routes.
Very varied and challenging.
The routes go over the Posbank and also take the “Koningslaan”.
So many altimeters will have to be defied.
The trail starts at the station where we walk together on a quiet rural road to the edge of the forest at a leisurely pace.
This is approximately 1.5 km through a particularly beautiful area.
Traffic controllers ensure that we can cross safely and from that moment you can continue the route independently.
Keep a close eye on your navigation device, not all paths we use are clearly visible …

Along the way there are care posts for the 25k, 35k and 50k Make sure that you have enough moisture with you!
Remember that you have sufficient battery capacity for the GPS that you use (Watch, Phone, GPS)
The 35k route is only on GPX

The routes are posted on the App Wiciloc.
With this app you can navigate on your cell phone.
If you deviate from the route, it will emit a signal.
Mind you, it requires a lot from your phone battery so an extra power bank is recommended

Register Steamtrail 2022:

Belgian, German  or other foreign participants must send an email to


If you want to stay informed of all developments about this trail click on the link below Steamtrail Facebook>
Please note that a limited number of participants will be admitted, due to the capacity of the train.

Send an email to if you need  more information.


Hoogte profiel:

15K  200 D+
25K  30o D+
35K 500 D+
50K 700 D+


Cost amounts:

30 euros per person for the 15k

40 euros p.p for the 25k, 35K 


This includes:

Train ticket Steam train

Care on the road 25k 35K  (drinking and Energy in different forms)
GPX routes Care at the end point
Possibility to shower and change clothes
Contribution to Natuurmonumenten
Contribution to Gelders Landscape and castles
Contribution to the Twickel Foundation
Contribution to VSM


For those who want a Viking Steam Trail running shirt can order this for only 15 euros. 

his is possible when registering for the Trail.
Viking Works with Uglow Sports Both team runners and the possibility to buy beautiful clothing or equipment is possible




Participation is at your own risk.
Viking Adventure Sports accepts no liability whatsoever for the loss or damage of personal property, nor for any personal injury sustained, except as a result of gross negligence on the part of the Foundation.
This exclusion of liability also applies to serious types of damage such as all possible damage resulting from injury or death If, despite the provisions of the first paragraph of this article, liability of the organizer for damage of the participant has to be assumed, the obligation of the organizer to compensate for that damage is limited to at most the amount that the insurer of the organizer with regard to who pays for damage.
The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of damage that he or a surviving relative might suffer as a result of his death, injury or illness caused by his / her participation in the event.
The participant declares that he / she is aware of the fact that participation requires good health in both a psychological and physical sense, and declares that he / she meets this requirement and that he / she has sufficiently prepared for the event through training and otherwise.
The organizer advises the participant explicitly and urgently to have a sports medical examination in connection with participation in the event.
The participant indemnifies the organizer against liability for damage that third parties might suffer as a result of actions or omissions attributable to a participant with regard to the event.
The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for said damage.
The participant indemnifies the organizer against liability for damage that the participant may suffer as a result of his participation in the event, unless this damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence attributable to the organizer.
Owners of the land that the event uses, sponsors of the event and the municipality where the event takes place, are excluded from liability on the same footing as the Foundation.
In the event of a defect in the steam train or the steam train not running due to unforeseen circumstances or a delay, no claim can be made for a refund.
A suitable solution will be sought.

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